After a truly magical Toronto show at The Great Hall to celebrate the release of his fifth full-length album Reckon, Jason Collett will again curate the annual Basement Revue Series, presenting an impressive collection of musicians, songwriters, authors, poets, storytellers and friends.

As has become tradition, each night’s performers will remain a surprise to the audience until the night of, adding to the inherent and infectious spontaneity of each show. However, this year on December 20 at The Great Hall will be a very special night as Jason invites some of his favourite guests from the past five years to return to the stage with him.

“The Revue is a dense and rich night of transcendent train wrecks and high-wire alchemy where performers risk fumbling the ball by stretching a little further than they otherwise would, given that they are outside of their typical comfort zones,” Collett explains.

“But it’s this risk factor coupled with the chemistry of all the cross-pollinating disciplines that lends the shows a kind of carnival charm.”

2012 Basement Revue Series
December 06 | The Dakota Tavern
December 13 | The Dakota Tavern
December 20 | The Great Hall
December 27 | The Dakota Tavern

Tickets for all nights are $25 and doors for each night open at 8:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at Rotate This and Soundscapes or online here.

Posted On: October 03, 2012